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Connect legacy systems, enhance with IoT-devices and manage every company process with our Romcore toolbox. All in one in a crisp and customised user interface.

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Romcore connects

Connect legacy systems and IoT-devices, in one platform

Interact with an easy-to-learn and user friendly interface

Secure data with automated backup systems

Enable smart access control, certification and predictive maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of Rombit’s in-house IoT-expertise

Romcore communicates

Analyze data, visualize and report

Gain new insights through graphs and map views

Use Romcore to the full potential by learning from historical data

Optimize processes by running simulations

Find new business opportunities through data analysis

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Romcore computes

Manage requests, users & assets

Create user roles and functions

Track users across sites and processes

Manage stock and asset states

Protect people’s safety through alert systems

Romcore components

A quick fix for user-friendly web environments

Improve workflow, generate templates

Save costs with rapid integration of pre-built software components

Easily connect people and teams from different departments

Enable conversation and notifications: messaging, mail, sms

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