Smart cities

Romcore handles every city user request

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Smart cities are efficient and user-friendly cities. Romcore enables users to quickly navigate through the (digital) city: citizens, companies, city administration, police. It provides a total automation and digitization of requests and public domain usage.


Optimize your processes by combining siloed software data in one workflow platform. Rapidly integrate with existing systems; government geo-services, GIPOD, e-gov, CRM

Request flow management

Manage all citizen, company and employee requests

Automatically assign tasks, generating routes

Assign tasks, generating reports and permits Provide worker planning, in tune with real-time traffic situation and city equipment stock

Track & trace of city assets

Connect every city asset through QR tags or chip technology

Cities case center

Citizen Request Platform

Romcore as a standard for all city-user requests; manage the use of public domain, management of street-parking spaces, moving and building permits, licenses,...

It is a tried and tested user-friendly platform that doesn’t need any manual, bridging the digital divides along the way.


Input possibilities

  • E-tendering
  • E-governance
  • CRM
  • Stock
  • City websites
  • Finance & accounting

A Romcore product


A unique mobile smart sign, connecting with Romcore through Sigfox, activated by NFC, displaying through crystal-clear E-ink screens and trackable through GPS. A*Sign has an autonomy of 2 years, is all-weather proof and will trigger audible and remote alarms whenever it is lifted or stolen.

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